Committed to Education

Chamber Music Sedona is committed to sharing the joys of chamber music with its patrons, visitors and our local community. Producing world-class concerts is paired with educational programs for our audiences and programs in the local schools.

Concerts for Youth

Bringing music into the schools has been an important calling for Chamber Music Sedona. As our Artistic Director, Bert Harclerode, has said in a quote which reflects our commitment to educating local students: “Our desire is to instill a passion for live music in the classical sense….I’m a firm believer in music being an essential part of a child’s development.” Introducing world-class musicians to young people who are attending our local elementary schools through to middle and high school, brings them great delight and gives them a better understanding of the classical music we all love.

Chamber Music Sedona and the Sedona Oak Creek School District will collaborate to present six in-school “Concerts for Youth” in the 2016-2017 Season. In January with Winter Music Festival artists and in March with the Spring Music Festival artists; touching the hearts, minds and souls of our youth.

Chamber Music Sedona Helps High School Music Program Flourish

Through a partnership with the Music Department of Sedona Red Rock High School (SRRHS), Chamber Music Sedona has been influential in expanding arts education and fueling talent among budding young musicians. In collaboration with Courtney Yeates, Music Director at SRRHS, Chamber Music Sedona has engineered a music program tailored for the needs and interests of high school students. As part of this program, Chamber Music Sedona helps SRRHS bring in celebrated musicians to teach students throughout the school year, in addition to providing special events for students during the Spring and Winter Music Festivals. These special events include master classes, demonstrations, and educational and mentorship opportunities that allow students the rare chance to closely interact with professional musicians and learn from world-class artists.

With the support of Chamber Music Sedona, SRRHS students are acquiring unique insight into music, instruments, and the lives of professional musicians—and this knowledge is helping them accomplish musical milestones. According to Yeates, many students who have received mentorship during the Music Festivals have been placed in the competitive High School All-Region Orchestra, sponsored by the Arizona Music Educators Association.

Chamber Music Sedona also provides much-needed material support for the SRRHS music program. Recently, the organization endowed SRRHS with a generous $7,000 donation for the purchase of new instruments, enabling them to buy two double basses, 15 violins, and two violas. The financial and educational assistance from Chamber Music Sedona has skyrocketed the growth of the SRRHS music program—to the extent that the school now has three orchestras and is contemplating adding another—and will continue to provide young musicians with unforgettable educational experiences.

The Concert Experience

Many people are surprised to learn that Chamber Music Sedona concerts feature many of the world’s finest artists and ensembles. Before each concert, we offer a short informal talk with Bert Harclerode, Artistic Director, and the concert artists when they discuss the afternoon program, the composers and the pieces they will be performing. Then, following the concert, they all return for a candid question and answer period allowing the audience to discover more about the artists and their relationship with the music.


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