Volunteer with Chamber Music Sedona!

 We would like to thank our volunteers for the 2015-16 Season. Without the help of these amazing people the season would not have been as successful.

Kathy Bazan
Katie Bazan
June Caine
Pamela Clark
Juliette Colangelo
Connie Crane
Anne Crosman
Sabina Dunton
Kristine Follett
Annetta Gray
Dick Griesenbeck
Jim Hamilton
Marianna Hartsong
Mickey Henry
Charles Howell
Edward Ingraham
Celeste Korsholm
David Leman
Celi Lippman
Richard Lippman
Birgit Loewenstein
Peg MacMillan
Dee Manges
Eric Mendelsohn
Helen Mueller
Pat Murchison
Rolf Murchison
Diane Nadeau
Steve Opitz
Ilaine Packman
Bob Rothrock
Kristen Rothrock
Patricia Schumann
Steve Segner
Aurelia Simon
Andie Snyder
Michael Steele
Hillie Triebess
Barry Unger
Brynn Unger
Rod Veach
Marisa Wilson

We are always looking for new volunteers. According to your interests and skills we have need of help with events and also office work. If you would be interested in becoming a member of our volunteer family, please call us at 928.204.2415 and leave a message with your phone number and interest. You may also send us an email with your contact information. Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.