Concerts for Youth

Chamber Music Sedona presents several ‘Concerts for Youth’ (CFY) in Sedona schools during our season. These programs are often the first introduction to classical music for many children and is enthusiastically supported by teachers, parents and principals. The programs are paid for in part by your membership contributions, and the Arizona Tax Credit.

When you pay your Arizona State income tax, for every dollar you pay to the state, less than 1 cent comes back to our Sedona community. When you donate money under the AZ Tax Credit for Kids program, every dollar of income tax paid through this program is kept within our community. Dollar for Dollar, up to $200 per single filer and $400 for joint filers, the money you donate through this program is subtracted from the amount of taxes you owe the State of Arizona.

What better way to help your community? The deadline for making this donation for 2014 is December 31.

As soon as the 2014 form is published, we will put a link here for you to download, fill out and mail to Chamber Music Sedona. We will present all donations received to the Sedona / Oak Creek School District on your behalf. You will have the satisfaction of helping to keep world class music in our schools and receiving a deduction from your tax bill.

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